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Stunning Polymer Clay Slab Ideas

If you’ve got bitten by the DIY polymer clay bug, this polymer clay slab ideas will be something that you will like. I’ve enjoyed writing this post and putting it together because I’ve discovered so many fantastic designs along the way!

As you’ve already know, I am always excited about new creative ideas and sharing it makes me the happiest! As a little summary, here is what this post will contain.

  1. Polymer clay slab ideas
  2. Polymer clay slab technique tutorials

As you can see, the ideas are endless! You can make anything from marble, strips of rainbows, shapes of animals and plants, flowers, geometry shapes and many more.

The colors are so bright and happy that by looking at it just makes me feel all giddy and fuzzy!

Now, if you have already tried making some clay slabs of your own and wanted more guidance, here are some of the best tutorials on video that I found, that contains lots of gems where the crafters / artists shares their techniques.

Check them out below!

It’s fun isn’t it? Now, go out there and get some clay, tools and start already! These basic tutorials are enough to help you get started.

Let me know how it did it go with your polymer clay slab design projects by dropping me a comment!

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