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Blog Pinterest Traffic Report 1 – First 1k Pageviews

Welcome to my first blog traffic report! I’m so excited to share with you how I’ve finally gotten my first 1000 pageviews organically to my blog.

It took me so long to finally write this mainly because I was uncomfortable and pretty much in my head about how I’d be judged. But, looking back at my many tries and frustration; I think this can help other bloggers to find back the hope and also to get their breakthrough to their first 1k pageviews.

Why 1000 pageviews?

The biggest hurdle to do anything new is always the first. Uh, I don’t know if I got that across correctly.

It’s the same as how you want to make money online, you aim to first get your $1 or the first $1000 if that’s what seems like an impossible goal but you see everyone around you easily hitting it out the park.

After you managed to get that once-seemed-impossible-goal-but-not-for-everyone-else, it will change your belief system tremendously. Suddenly, you will start to see that more is achievable.

That’s the same theory I want to apply and use for the first 1k pageviews. It’s tough enough for beginners but easy for anyone who figured it out.

My story

Started and flopped!

Truth is, this blog was abandoned for around 2 years. I’ve signed up for a 3 year hosting and after working on the first couple of months, I gave up.

My pageviews at most reached around 500 pageviews in a month after A LOT of struggle, a personal coaching and I hated it.

Old blog itch returned…

In April 2019, there was only 6 months left of my hosting. While I dreaded to log in my blog, strangely enough, I got the gut feeling to get back on my blog and try again.

So, I did – and hit the big reset button.

The ruthless delete

I deleted everything, installed a fresh new copy of WordPress blog, picked a simple clean theme and start writing the first few posts trying to make it the best that I can.

I was clueless and my strategy was to beat the game by quantity AND quality (given that I was putting in hours on creating all my new blog posts). My aim was to churn out 30 blog posts in May. But life happened by mid May and again I went hiatus after publishing a couple of good enough posts that I was satisfied with.

The surprise unlock!

By the end of May I checked my Analytics…I was GOBSMACKED that my traffic actually hit a little over 1,000 pageviews!

Whoa, THAT was so effortless and so surreal.

It’s nothing to shout about but for someone who struggled to grow a blog half-assed, this result gave me hope!

As you can see, here is a screenshot of my Jan 2019 to Mar 2019. As you can see, my usual monthly pageviews barely hit 500.

Here, you can see a combined total from Jan to Mar 2019 pageviews only totaled up to just 652 pageviews. *shame

Here is what I saw by end of May 2019! 1217 pageviews!


A big chunk of the pageviews (90%) were surprised, surprised, from Pinterest!

What I did

Focused on enjoying the process

I took the time to look around Pinterest and checked what topics are trending AND that I like to write about. Previously, I was writing blog posts that are popular but I couldn’t feel any sense of excitement or interest in it. Writing those gave me such a bleurgh feeling – bored and almost on autopilot.

Give value

After choosing topics that I genuinely have interest in, I was all excited to write about it. I treated it like I was sharing information with my good friends about something I love. You know, all the details and such until they can’t stand me just because I was so obsessed and detailed about things I like!

That’s what I did with my new batch of posts and I put in as much possible information that I think is useful to my audience.

Share it

After I published my posts, I just took the effort to pin it and share it out to relevant Pinterest group boards. In the past, I wasn’t so disciplined and I just pin it on one of my board related to the post category and thought that people will see it and share it. Given my tiny followers of around 200, very little sharing happened…. if not at all. Lesson learned.

I’m very, very grateful for this growth in my pageviews and as small as it seems, I believe in celebrating small wins and looking at the positive so that more can come!

This is still a positive result and no matter how tiny a win is still a win!

So, that’s all about my first traffic report.

If you are still here and interested to learn from my experience, stay tune to the next report! I hope this helps you and especially if you are someone struggling with getting traffic, I hope this gives you hope that it is truly possible!

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