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Blog Pinterest Traffic Report 3 – Accidents Happen

Hello guys! This is my 3rd blog Pinterest traffic report that is long-overdue. I’ll explain in a while but at least it’s here! Better late than never, right?

In November 2019, I lost my blog due to some indecision that took too long. All my blog’s data including blog posts, images, tacking and all. That was stressful.

In December 2019, I bought back hosting and setup my website back again. As you can see, I tried to re-recoup whatever I can and now some of my posts aren’t completely 100% here. Just my last few ones. Apologies for that.


My traffic dropped due to the missing tracking and also my absence in my Pinterest account and blog.

Luckily, traffic grew back. Here are the stats for Dec’19 to Feb’20

  • December’19 – 264 pageviews (from the 16th onwards)
  • January’20- 2,144 pageviews
  • February’20 – 6,135 pageviews

Pinterest account

Unique views and followers grew. I don’t have my numbers because it was misplaced somewhere.

Surprisingly, my Pinterest views were around 50k(mid March 2020) and my followers were at around 1,200 (Mid March 2020) from around 800 back in December 2019.

Things I did

This took a lot of energy from me especially when I shift to a new hosting and salvaging all my lost data. Things were slow moving because I was re-building it all up again and placing what I can.

  • Re-install WordPress, all the plugins, and setting up analytics.
  • Re-posting as many previous blog posts.

Looks little but that is really is a lot of things when I need to remember what I am missing out. I know, I am scattered with my data and backup all almost being gone. I managed to find back my old file with my backup list of items.

Overall, I am so grateful to get back a huge percentage of what I needed. On another note, hell, it was mentally draining!

The traffic looks good, my Pinterest account grew in views and followers as well.


Alright, that’s all for this super short blog Pinterest traffic report.

It is working naturally without trying to suffocate my blog with all kinds of tactics and I absolutely love it because it is such a joy to work on my blog without using all my time and seeing it grow healthily.

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