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Blog Pinterest Traffic Report #2 – Steady Exciting Growth

Hello! This is my second blog Pinterest traffic report where I share about my journey in growing my blog’s traffic naturally using Pinterest.

If you want to know how I started, you can read all my other blog Pinterest traffic report below:

I relaunched my blog in mid April 2019 and by end of May 2019, I opened my analytics and saw my first ever 1,000 pageviews!

I’ve been getting at most of 500 pageviews per month with a lot of work for as long as 2 years.

To get 1000 pageviews is quite a big deal for my personal records. Trust me, when you finally get something that you’ve been trying very hard for a very long time, it changes your mindset.

I started to believe that it’s actually possible.


In my first report, I covered how I relaunched and my first month of hitting my first traffic goal of 1,000 pageviews.

Here, I will be covering three months of growth for my blog.

Life happened, I got busy at work  and I didn’t publish much. I spent more time pinning on my Pinterest account.

Here are the pageviews by month:

  • June 2019 – 1,497
  • July 2019 – 2,066
  • Aug 2019 – 4,694

Though it was slow, it certainly was growing monthly.

What I did

When I got the time, I grew my blog by adding a couple new blog posts and do more of what works.

New blog posts

I found some interesting topics that are trending and published my own version of it to see if it works. To be honest, thinking up new blog posts and ideas takes a lot of time(for me). I only manage to add probably less than 3 new posts altogether in these three months.

More of the familiar

This is the next method I used to add new posts to my blog.

When you can’t find new ideas, the next best thing is to do more of what works!

I checked my analytics and see at the top 5 performing blog posts. Then I took these content and created new related content from it.

Think of it like LOTR / Star Wars/ Avengers/ etc movies – just make a sequel. I try to see what other different slants that are available and created new content based off that.

There really wasn’t much work I’ve done except what I’ve just mentioned above.


Traffic growth – Traffic is still growing and grew more after two slow months.

Less busy work in less time – I did less and was basically away from my blog due to workload.

Free! – I didn’t spend money on any tools or anything to grow my traffic.


Alright, I know it didn’t look very exciting for my three months. The key take away for this is to double down on what works. When you get your strategy right, you just need to rinse and repeat what works. It will save you so much time to blog and also less of a headache to crank up new blog post ideas!

It’s a pretty short report for this. Till my next report, stay tune!

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