Hey Lai


Hello! I’m Lilian Cheong. Welcome to Hey Lai!

Most of us will most probably come in contact with art at some point of our lives. For some, it might have been forgotten as we transition into adulthood. For some of us, art  can still be part of our hobby or even business in our adult lives.

This blog was started from my passion in creative arts and crafts. I believe that it adds fun and colors into our lives making it  so much more interesting allowing ourselves to explore, experiment through creative creations. At times, it can be quite therapeutic to just engross into it for an hour or two to balance myself back again from the hectic daily life.

Play is the highest form of research.

-Albert Einstein

Here is where I share my favorite finds, projects and ideas to help you gain inspiration and hopefully spark off some new ideas for you for your own projects as well as your creative business!

Hope you enjoy what I’m sharing here and I’ll always appreciate if you’d drop me a message to say Hi!